The Perfect Morning View

Same as everyday, I woke up this early morning without the help of my alarm clock. Though I set my alarm at 5am, my eyes automatically open as early as 4am. I used to be a night owl, stay up until midnight or until early hours of the morning and wakes up late. But when I started to go on early walk, my sleeping habit also changed. I began to feel sleepy as early as 8pm and wakes up very early. It happened gradually, maybe because my mind set to focus on my goal of getting back in shape after infected by covid.

Now, I always feel excited waking up, stretching my arms and getting my feet off my bed. I begin to love being a morning person, it makes me feel more alive. This morning was another day to do my usual routine. I changed into my jogging attire and brought my bottle of water. I walk but sometimes I bring my motorcycle or bicycle with me in the jogging area. I decided to bring my motorcycle this morning because it’s only 5am and the sky was still dark. I don’t want to walk or jog alone in the dark.

When I reached the area, there were only like four people walking, all in their senior years. But as the sky started to lighten up, people who want to walk or jog just arrived. The jogging area is actually a residential subdivision which is still under construction. Though it is a private property, the developer and owner allowed people to go inside but in a limited time only, like until 8 in the morning.

What I do really love in the area is the environment itself. The fresh smell of grasses spreading on the soil floor, the cool breeze of the air, the unlimited beauty of the sky, the different formation of the clouds and the glimpse of the sunrise. Everything seems perfect. I could feel the fresh air kissing my face as I jog. The simple nod and morning greetings of the people passes by added to the perfect view of the morning.

I always wait for the sun to rise from the east. But sometimes, the sun is hiding behind the cotton clouds but its rays are still seen. The view is just perfect for me to complete my day. I suddenly thought, ‘where I was all these years skipping to experience the beauty of the morning?’ Ah, yes. I was still on my bed saving bags on my eyes. I didn’t realize then the advantages of being an early bird. I failed to see the magic of nature that happens every morning. Fortunately, it isn’t too late for me.

Now I truly appreciates being a morning person and I plan to continue being one indefinitely for me to enjoy the perfect view seen in the morning.