My First Blog

I really don’t know how to start. I wasn’t born as a writer or blogger (but I don’t think there is), but here I am trying hard to write my starting piece. Seeing myself walking without any direction, just like a lost soul. But there’s something in me saying that I should give it a try, nothing to lose anyway. Actually my fiancé was the one who encouraged me to write blogs
because he’s doing the same for many years. At first, I was hesitant as it’s not my line and not in my imagination I can do it, still I need to give myself a little more confidence to do so.

Remembering my life as a student, I depended my scores in the essay part of the examination because as long as my ideas were present on it, I’ll receive extra point. I
could say then that I wasn’t that bad in writing. And I (was) am an educator, which I think an edge for me. I used to train students in numerous contests, one was feature writing. I just give them topic to write, then I read and criticize the contents, provides feedback.

Somehow I fond of reading. I read a number of books, from fiction to non-fiction, novel or simply a typical story book, and I really enjoyed reading them. I can create my own world from the book I’ve read. If we read stories or listen to it religiously, then we could tell and write stories as well. It’s just like a hidden talent. We can use it or hide it forever. I think reading and writing are like husband and wife, they are intimately related. What I want to imply to myself is that if someone (just like me) could be a creative reader, why not become a writer? So this would be my self motivation to start. I just really need my subconscious and conscious mind to cooperate. Hoping the universe will provide me thousands of ideas to convert in meaningful words that will reflect my heart and soul.

The book that I’m presently reading about writing is an excellent guide for beginners like me and would be a great help to start. Though I haven’t tried writing a blog before, I need to give my self a chance to start and eventually grow in this field. Now there are still more “ifs” and “buts” striking in my head, I just need to practice how to ignore them. No limitations, I want to show my soul through writings, that’ll be my goal. Somehow, I want to be an inspiration to others by sharing them my mind and heart. I hope to build connection, as a writer to the reader. The feeling I felt everytime I’m reading, the connection between me and the author, I also want to give the same feeling to whoever will read my future blogs.

Please bear with me. A good luck is much highly appreciated.

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