Why I left my teaching job?

It’s been almost two years now since I tendered my resignation in my post as a teacher in a public elementary school in our town. Many were surprised on my decision, including my family and friends. I’ve been teaching for more than nine years then, and nobody expected me for leaving my career too soon. But I was firmed with my decision, no regrets even until now. Though I felt sad, it’s not the end of the world for me. Its just the end of my teaching career and the start of a new beginning. I have my personal reasons of course, valid reasons for me.

I’ve always wanted to work in a free or at least less stressed environment. A work without much pressure, without stealing my rest and sleeping time at night, where I can give my mind a break for sometime and where I can work without putting my health at risk. But I didn’t found that in the organization I worked for almost a decade, in fact, it was an opposite.

As much as possible I don’t want to rant but yes, I got tired with the system, not on the teaching job itself. Actually I did enjoyed teaching, used to love the students I handled and my colleagues’ company. What really pushed me to leave them was the system. The time I should’ve spent on teaching my class stole by doing mountains of paper works required us to submit on deadlines. Never ending reports that consumed most of our time rather than spending it inside our classroom providing quality lessons to our students. Implementing rules and guidelines which we thought not good for our learners’ progress. But we must followed. No room for complaints, as they always reminded us to just resign whenever we feel tired of the system and nobody will stop us from leaving. Ah, its like an echo coming from the Gods and Goddesses of the organization (highly ranking officials), as they aren’t in our shoes. They are only nice infront of the media, implementing this and that, portraying heroes of education system. But the burden and blame are on us, teachers.

I knew that I wasn’t alone feeling like hell everyday. My colleagues felt the same way as I was. But nobody had the courage to voice out. For them, it seemed that they had no other choice but to stay because it’s their bread and butter. Well not for me. I started to burned out. I lost the motivation to stay for that kind of system anymore. Nobody would understand how I felt if they weren’t in my place. As I had already plans after leaving and I thought it wouldn’t be a big loss for me. Even now, people around me have different thoughts about me ending my teaching job. Some told me that I shouldn’t resigned because it’s already a stable job with good pay (that’s just what they thought). But teachers like me have opposite way of thinking. My former colleagues often told me that I’m fortunate to escaped from hell (only a joke but half meant). Meaning that I did an excellent decision by following my heart’s desire. That’s a huge relief for me.

Still, I had many good memories in the field and I learned a lot from my teaching experiences which made me a stronger person. I know there’s a lot like me out there leaving their career for the same reason. I have friends also left and chose to teach in other countries for greener pasture, some stayed home doing online works instead. It’s not that I will forget being a teacher because it won’t happen. I will be forever grateful that once in my life I taught thousands of students, whom I touched lives in one way or another. If only the education system here in our country benefits both the learners and the one teaching them, and if only the government do not neglect our teachers’ sake, maybe many of us would rather stay than thinking of leaving in exchange of going to different path.

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