Me in my late 30’s

Everybody is experiencing change as time passes by. Change in different aspects of life. As for me, the older I get, the more changes I noticed about myself. I’m just talking about simple changes I am experiencing right now that I am half year away before turning 40. There are things about me when I was in my 20’s which are bit different from me on my late 30’s. Here are some:

  • When I was younger, I was fond of collecting colognes and perfumes. What I hate then was the smell of pain reliever ointment usually used by older people. I really hate it when someone was using it in a closed area like bus. And now, I never imagined myself owning and collecting such stuff. I love the smell of it whenever headache strikes on me. I always make sure that I have a pain reliever ointment inside my bag everytime I leave the house. I have lots of it compare to colognes and perfumes.
  • My weekends were always a blast when I was in my 20’s. I used to spend my Friday nights and the rest of the weekends with friends. We were hanging out, drinking, watching movies, dining and spending overnight with them. I rarely resisted any invitation from friends, I was always ready to go out. But now, it changed. As much as possible I want to spend my weekends and free time at home. I seldom say yes when my friends are inviting me to go out. I enjoy more of my free time when I’m at home only.
  • Supermarket was the most boring place for me when I was younger. Whenever my mom asked me to go to supermarket to buy the things we need at home, my face was like a crumpled paper. But now, supermarket is one of the place I really enjoy. I love to shop grocery items, sometimes spent 3 hours roaming around the store.
  • Whenever I was in the department store, the very first place I love to visit was the bag and shoes section. I love shopping bags and shoes, they’re my weakness when I was in my 20’s. But not anymore when I reached my 30’s. If someone wants to find me inside the department store, I’ll be found in the household items and appliances section. I love to shop household items especially kitchen wares, I am more to spend in them rather in bags and shoes.
  • I was tired of my mom telling stories how she survived childhood, like they walked 5 kilometers getting to school, she had only cents as allowance, eating only like this or that and they had only a simple life. She always bringing that topic whenever I acted lazy in school or household chores. I never imagined myself that it’ll be my turn now telling my own stories how I survived my childhood. Words came voluntarily from my mouth telling that to my nephews and nieces whenever they act lazy in everything.
  • I was a fan of music videos when I was younger. I used to follow all the latest songs and mtv’s of my favorite singers and bands and I spent hours listening to their music. Now my interest switched to something else. I spent more of my time watching cooking videos in Youtube. I even downloaded videos of different recipes and follow the channels of my favorite chefs.

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