Changing Colors

While rain downpours in most part of the Philippines this month, other countries are experiencing autumn or fall. Being in a tropical country, we only have two seasons, the dry and the wet or rainy season.

I always fascinated by some countries with four seasons, especially the autumn. Though I haven’t experience autumn yet, I really love how leaves of trees change its color. And then I found out that we have a tree here in the Philippines which the leaves actually change in colors. It is called Talisay or Talisai (with scientific name of terminalia catappa), a large tree, reaching a height of 20 to 25 meters and is common inland tree preferred for its umbrella-type shade.

Talisay is often planted in coastal community. It bears edible fruit with the taste similar to almond. It has shiny, obovate and heart-shaped base leaves with green color but its shades change to yellow, orange and red to brown then fall and die away in summer and will turn brilliant green again during rainy season.

I remember when I was in elementary, we had a lot of Talisay tree in the school ground. We used to pick up its dead leaves falling on the ground. I never noticed that time that its leaves actually change colors, not until I found out about the autumn season in other countries.

For now, while waiting for an opportunity to experience the real autumn. I’ll just roam around and look for Talisay tree here in my very own country and observe how it celebrate autumn on its own way.

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