Taking a Refreshing Break

With all the happenings in the past months such as endless covid cases, stressful news about politics and not so-good issues locally as well as internationally, I think everybody deserves a break. Being only at home for almost half a year increased the amount of stress and I know it’s unhealthy. So I decided to give myself an antidote from all of these. Since public transportations are already functioning in a new normal way, I went to my sister’s town which is more than an hour travel from ours and I brought my two friends with me.

The distance and the rough road are nothing compared to the scenery we saw along the way. My sister lives in a farmland and she and her husband are both farmers. Internet connection is quite reachable in their area that’s why you really rest yourself from any of your social media life. Their life is very simple and everything is fresh, from the air, the water up to the foods served in the table. They planted rice and different types of vegetables. If you want to eat something green and healthy, your cravings surely satisfied.

The best things I really enjoyed while staying in my sister’s place was the trip to the nearby river. According to my sister, this season is really the best time to swim and enjoy the river because the water level is just enough to enjoy. I remember the last time I visited the river was more than a year ago and it was summer so there’s almost no water in the river. And I did not enjoy that moment.

The river is just a 5 minute-walk from their house. As I set foot on the water, it felt like heaven, it’s so refreshing. The running cold water seemed like inviting me to indulge myself on it. The weather was just great on that day to swim. Without second thought, I grabbed the chance to enjoy the gift of nature. Though I don’t know how to swim, I still enjoy the moment. The sounds of flowing water was like a music to my ears. The cold water that touches my skin brought a relaxing feeling. Everything was refreshing.

The three days I spent in my sister’s place are worthy enough and I feel fully recharged with new energy. I was very thankful that I gave myself a chance to breathe in again.

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