New Year, New Hope

Happy New Year everyone! Happy 2021!

New year means new hope. And yes, everybody are being hopeful for the best this new year. The fact that 2020 had been a difficult year in the entire humanity, it’s just normal for us to wish and hope for the best year of 2021. Actually for me, new year’s day has no different from any other day of the year. People are just celebrating and excited to welcome the first day of the upcoming year.

Many are also making a list of their new year’s resolution which I also did way back years ago. But then I realized that I always failed to do my own resolutions for some reasons. I was like making resolutions at the end of the year and promised myself to start doing them on the first day of the new year. Well, it’s really hard to change some habits overnight. Or maybe the reason I failed of doing my resolutions was because they don’t emerge true breakthroughs, and they’re just a calendar-driven obligations. I was just being excited for making a full list of what I want to happen and what I want to change in myself in the coming new year. But the truth was that I always attached in my past having difficulty to let go of the things I used to do. So the ending was failure to do my list of resolutions.

And so, few years ago, I decided to stop making new year’s resolutions to free myself from disappointment. Then, I realized that I can make an improvement of myself and change what I want to change about me anytime of the year. I don’t need to wait for a new year to plan and to do so, because I can make it anytime, as long as I am ready and sincere without any pressure. I don’t need to wait for the beginning of 2021 to wish for the pandemic to end because I already wish and pray for it everyday since it started.

Maybe the best thing to start the new year is to reflect on what had happened in the whole 2020 and the lessons we learned from it. We better focused counting the blessings we received from that year and be grateful, rather than counting the hardship we experienced.

Let’s just be hopeful that this year of 2021 would be greater and more wonderful than the past, with less problems and more blessings. After all, if we are still alive right now as the new year starts, it’s more than enough to ask for. Still, nobody knows what lies ahead of us this year of 2021. So let’s appreciate every single moment of our lives.

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