Trying a New Hobby: Baking

Aside from my bedroom, kitchen is one of my favorite place in our house. My love of eating lead me to learn how to cook. I always enjoy cooking, especially for my family. I can even stay in the kitchen, cooking the whole time without getting bored or something. Another skill in the kitchen that I really wanted to learn is baking. I love watching video tutorials of lots of baking recipes in youtube. Of course, learning in actual is better than watching the videos only. So, I even took a short course of cake making just a year ago. But unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to apply what I learned from baking class because of some reasons.

Learning to bake needs more patience, perseverance and of course budget. Baking tools and equipment are quite expensive and of course not to mention the cost of the ingredients. It took me sometime to start trying. And now I think it’s time for me to apply what I learned in baking.

I decided to bake cheese cupcakes for my first try. The outcome was not that bad, it taste good but a little dry. I noted the possible reason why it became dry. My next attempt was again cupcakes, with purple yam flavor. This time it’s soft and moist in the inside but a little toasted in the outside. Maybe because of the temperature. My oven is new so I’m still figuring out it’s temperature. And I am just a beginner so I still need more practice and more attempts to attain the perfect baked cupcakes.

I am just starting but I still have a lot on my mind what to bake next, cookies, cakes, pies, breads and many more. But I only have limited resources and I still need to invest for more baking tools to fulfill my baking experience. Nevertheless, I am so happy that I’ve given myself a chance to try a new hobby. As the studies have shown, baking can be a productive form of self-expression and communication, increase mindfulness and can relieve stress. And because of that, I’m so glad that I tried baking as my new interest.

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