My Dog Bingo

You are my alarm every morning
Waking me up with your whining
Walking out is your favorite thing
And I can’t stop you from playing

I remember when I got you
You were gentle and so cute
And in those lovely little brown eyes
I’ve seen what’s inside your heart

That was the first time I fell for you
So I decided to take you home
And from then on I realize
The connection within our hearts

I didn’t noticed the days that passed
You are growing so very fast
From a little naughty pup a year ago
Now you’re a big boy who grows so good

I really love the way you sleep
Lying on your back and sound too deep
You always impressed me when you eat
You finish the food without a trace

Everytime I give you a bath
You always run from me and hide
And though you’re scared from getting wet
A treat can make everything set

The only thing I really hate
Is when you are sick on your bed
The pain I see when I look in your eyes
Making me sad, breaking my heart

You are lonely when I’m out of your sight
Waiting in a corner miss me so bad
You know I feel the same way too
But don’t you worry I’ll always come back

I’m always grateful for your love
You make me very happy and glad
You know how I love you too so much
So thank you for coming into my life.

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