Benefits of the Blue Tea

I always see my mom drinking a cup of blue tea everyday. At first I thought she bought it from pharmacy or in a traditional medicinal store. I was surprised when she said that the tea she’s always drinking came from the plant in our backyard. I didn’t even noticed that the plant which bear blue flowers in our yard can be drink as tea. I searched for it, the Clitoria ternatea or Butterfly pea or simply called the Blue ternate. A perrenial herbaceous plant with elliptic, obtuse leaves. It grows as a vine or creeper, doing well in moist, neutral soil. The most striking feature about this plant is the color of its flowers, a vivid deep blue; solitary, with light yellow markings (source: Wikipedia).

In some Asian countries like ours, blue ternate flower is used as a natural food coloring. It can also be added to food and can drink as tea or juice. It is also used as a traditional medicine because of its many health benefits. According to studies some of its benefits includes:

  • full of anti-oxidants which help promote the overall healthy life cycle of cells
  • a nerve tonic which provides support to digestive, circulatory and central nervous system
  • it helps to improve eyesight and effectively prevent cataracts and glaucoma due to the presence of anti-oxidant proanthocyanidin
  • it is traditionally used as aphrodisiac particularly for women and used to treat problems associated with menstruation
  • it enhances cognitive functions and memory
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • a natural analgesic, helps to relieve pain
  • promotes excretion of water which decreases blood volume thereby lowering blood pressure
  • a natural anti-inflammatory
  • possesses anti-cancer properties
  • detoxifies the whole body
  • stimulate collagen which helps to rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles and other effects of skin ageing
  • promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss and greying
  • used for fasting and promotes weight loss
  • enhances the immune system

As for now, there aren’t any side effects known in consuming blue ternate. It is safe and healthy to consume, but of course in the right amount of dosage because over consumption may lead to nausea and diarrhea. It is still best to always consult your physician if you want to try any herbal supplement like this, just like what my Mom did before consuming blue ternate. I decided to try drinking it also because it is best replacement for coffee or other tea with caffeine.

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