Travel Throwback: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is an open-air museum and heritage park and resort nestled along the shores of Bagac, Bataan in Central Luzon. Just more than three hours drive from Manila, you’ll definitely travelling back in time upon reaching Las Casas. The place showcases about the Hispanic-Filipino history and culture with the collection of century-old houses from different parts of the Philippines. Each houses were dismantled from its origin brick by brick, transported and assembled and restored to its original structure. It contains 30 heritage houses from different provinces.

It was three years ago when I set foot in Las Casas with friends. The feeling of nostalgia that I got the moment I entered the place was unexplainable. The vibe and the atmosphere inside was like a feeling of being taken back in the past, the time of Spaniards colonization. Each old houses has its own story and history to tell and heroes are hidden behind its closed doors.

Upon entering Las Casas, there’s an initial orientation at the visitors’ lounge. A tourist guide is also assigned for each group of guests/tourists for what they called the Heritage tour. They are the one who will provide in-depth insights about the history behind each old house, and all about Las Casas. A day tour might not enough to enjoy the whole place, so booking for more than a day is available, as they have hotel rooms to accommodate. There is also a beach resort inside the premises for those who wants to enjoy the sun and the water. Authentic restaurants are also available offering Filipino, Spanish and Italian cuisines.

I will definitely recommend this place for those who wants to experience a journey to the past. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar is more than just a tourist destination, it is a place where a part of Philippine history is hidden.

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