Our Time

When the clock stop tickling, it doesn’t mean that the time stop too. Our clock might just ran out of battery and yet time continue to run as fast as it could. Nobody can stop it from moving forward.

Time is one of the precious thing on earth, precious and more important than money. When we lose or ran out of money, we can always have chance to earn and get it back. Time is different, once we lost it, we cannot recovered it by any means.

Everything in this world varies according to time. Our life is measured by how we spent our time while we live and not by how long we lived. Sometimes we took time for granted, spent it in wrong activities with wrong people. Or most of our time we spent making money without happiness and yet our life become meaningless. Some people value their wealth than time, without realizing that time is more valuable than any wealth they may acquire in this world.

Time is just free and yet we sometimes find it hard to give it especially to those who needed our time the most – our family and loved ones. We used to attached in our daily routine which requires us to spend most of our time. Sometimes we forget that time won’t wait for us or for anyone, it runs continuously without interruptions. And it’s difficult to ran after time, we should use it meaningfully and wisely while we have it.

Taking time for granted cannot give us the guarantee to be happy. We should always understand the meaning of time and how to spend and use it properly. We received the gift of life without any clue how long or short it is, therefore we need to spend each of our precious time for the good purpose.

We are only human and many times we commit mistakes, made wrong decisions and have regrets. But let’s not stop our life or waste our time contemplating in those things because its already done and we cannot take back the time to make it right. Just learned from those experiences and continue to find ways how to value our time left in this world.

Because every second counts.

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