The Visions of Heaven and Hell

Children’s mind is like a sponge, it has the ability to absorb information from the environment and from the people around. They mimic what they heard and sees around them. They believe every information and details feed on their innocent mind, especially if it comes from their parents and family.

I went to the repair shop this afternoon for my motorcycle trouble. While waiting, I decided to sit outside the nearby 7-11 convenience store and refreshed myself with a cold can of soda. I noticed two young girls around 5 and 7 years old inside the parked car infront of the store, maybe they’re waiting for their parents. From their looks, they seemed to be siblings. They were both holding a cellphone watching video or maybe playing some games. After a few minutes, they started to argue. The older one said something that made the younger one cried. Suddenly, I heard the younger one screamed and told her sister that she’s bad and will go to hell, while she herself will go to heaven. Then, they argue again about who among them will go to heaven or hell when they die. It’s good that their parents comeback at that moment and comfort the two girls. I heard the mom telling them that they’ll both go to hell if they continue to fight.

At that very moment, I just shook my head on that scene. I suddenly remember my childhood wherein I also believed in that same vision of heaven and hell. Everytime I did something wrong or said something bad, adults around me would always told me that I would go to hell because I am a bad girl. So I would start to behave to avoid hell and go to heaven instead, the place where God and Jesus live with thousands of angles. I grew up believing about the existence of hell and heaven. But sometimes I asked myself if heaven is that big enough to accommodate good and kind people. What if heaven become full and there’s no more space for me when I die, even I die good. Would I go to hell instead?

As a child, I didn’t like the vision of hell which I learned from school and from the adults around me. If I die a sinner, Satan will welcome me to hell and I’ll be thrown into the sea of fire and boiling oil where pain is unbearable and I’ll be killed for thousand times. As I grew up, when my mom converted to another religion, her beliefs erased all the ideas I believed regarding heaven and hell. She began to change the visions of heaven and hell on my mind. Based on my mom’s religion, heaven is only for selected faithful follower of Jesus Christ’s teachings. While the place called hell is not a place of eternal suffering but is rather the common grave of humankind. Then, there is the paradise where good and righteous people live eternally after God’s judgement day.

I like that idea more than the one I believed when I was a child. It looks more decent and less brutal. But whatever is true about heaven and hell, until now a question on my mind. Because for me, the world where we live now is already a combination of heaven and hell. And nobody really knows aside from God, what will await for all of us after death.

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