When you Compare

According to Theodore Roosevelt, ‘comparison is the thief of joy’. People used to compare themselves to others without realizing doing it. If we compare ourselves to others, it won’t bring any good for us. Comparing make us insecure and discontented in life. It will only make us unhappy.

Many people, and that include me, have been guilty of this kind of behavior. Despite of our own accomplishments, we still continued comparing ourselves to others. Eventhough we already knew that it is pointless and won’t benefit us, it’s been a habit for us to compare. Nowadays, social media plays a huge part for us to do comparisons. As we scroll and see the posts and updates of other people, we start to compare without knowing the truth behind those posts.

When I was younger, I used to asked myself why my sister is prettier than me and why she’s popular with our friends and relatives than me. Why my classmates could memorized a poem easily but I couldn’t? Why my job was more difficult unlike of others’? Why my friends are more successful than me? These kind of self-comparisons only made me insecure and less confident. They did not made me a better person.

Then I realized, if I continue to compare myself to others, I’ll only harm my own life. I should be contented with what I have and achieved. I should be myself and proud to be me. Maybe the person I compared myself to also do the same to me or to others.

Though we are all living under one sky, it doesn’t mean that my life, your life and others’ are the same. Everybody has their own dilemma and insecurities. We are complaining about our life not being better than that of others without realizing that our life is indeed a lot better than others.

We must live our life with contentment and avoid self-comparing. With that only we can possibly live with joy and peace of mind. I myself try my best to enjoy my own life without comparing it with that of another.

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