My Experience with COVID-19 (part 1)

Ever since the pandemic began, I’ve been very careful with myself not to get infected by the deadly corona virus. I follow health protocols and as much as possible not to go anywhere outside. I only go out for groceries and market for like once or twice a week. I also one of those millions of people still waiting to get vaccinated. But despite of all the efforts to be safe, like many others, I tested positive with covid.

It all started on the first week of August, when my brother who live close to our house experienced fever, cough and body pain. After only one day, me and my mom (we are living together) also experienced the same symptoms. And that’s it. Six of my family members, including me, tested positive with covid. We all experienced the same symptoms – fever, dry cough, loss of taste and smell, body pains and the worst of all, difficulty and shortness of breath.

At that time, hospitals in our areas are already in full capacity because of increasing virus cases and stopped accepting covid patients with mild symptoms. We were already placed under quarantine and our local health unit advised us to stay only at home until we recover. They just took some of our information, our whereabouts for the past seven days (for contact tracing purposes) and noted our symptoms. Other than that, no more support from our local government, no free medicines or anything, nothing at all.

We quarantined ourselves for almost a month and did the best we could to overcome the tragedy our family was facing. However, the major concerned was our mom because she has heart disease and suffered too much from difficulty of breathing. She needed to put on in oxygen to help her breathing. Our situation was too difficult to bear. I was in my room fighting my own battle while my mom was in hers catching her own breath with the help of oxygen.

The only person who nursed us whe in quarantine was my sister who live few meters away from us. She and her family have no symptoms and already vaccinated. Wearing a PPE, she brought us food, medicines and other supplies every single day for the whole time of our quarantine. And not only us, she also attended the needs of my brother and his wife as well as my oldest sister and my niece (all covid positive with mild symptoms) in their homes. We were still all fortunate for having her and thankful that she and her family tested negative.

The difficult part of having a covid was seeing your family members also suffering more than you, especially my mom. I couldn’t even took care of her because I had also my own fight. Covid is indeed a torture – physically, emotionally and mentally.

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