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When you Compare

According to Theodore Roosevelt, ‘comparison is the thief of joy’. People used to compare themselves to others without realizing doing it. If we compare ourselves to others, it won’t bring any good for us. Comparing make us insecure and discontented in life. It will only make us unhappy. Many people, and that include me, have… Continue reading When you Compare

A Year Ago…

Exactly a year ago when I gave myself a shot in the world of blogging. My ever first blog which I published here was just a piece of draft in which I thought no direction at all. As I’ve always said, I’ll just give myself a try. In the first place, I just want to… Continue reading A Year Ago…

Tired of Being Strong

To the people around me like family and friends, I was known as a tough woman, independent enough to deal with every challenges and problems life has to offer. I was one of the hardest to destroy by any kind of storm that has passed. I was the one who can handle any emotional pain… Continue reading Tired of Being Strong

I Saw My Own Death

Yes, I was killed in my dream. I saw myself stabbed with a knife by some stranger. I shouted for help but nobody was around to rescue me. It was raining and my body is almost covered with blood. Then people started to gather around me and a familiar person, my boyfriend, hurriedly came and… Continue reading I Saw My Own Death

Crossing my Fingers

The gesture of crossed fingers is a superstition commonly use when we want to wish someone the best of luck or if we hope that things will happen in the way we want them to. However, it doesn’t imply to everybody. In some countries, crossed fingers are considered an obscene gesture. While in some places,… Continue reading Crossing my Fingers

‘This too shall pass’

A phrase most of us used to say whenever we experience difficult moment in life. ‘This too shall pass’, means everything eventually ends because nothing is permanent in this world, that no matter what you are experiencing in life, it is only temporary. An encouragement phrase used to comfort someone who is suffering from physical… Continue reading ‘This too shall pass’


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