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Little Things Matter

Throughout the day, my routine makes me sometimes tiring and a bit boring because everything is all set. Waking up early and do morning routine, go out for a short jog, walk with my dog, prepare breakfast, do house cleaning, and so on. But in between those routines, there are little things that happen which… Continue reading Little Things Matter

Getting Back in Shape

Getting sick and infected by corona virus made a huge impact in my entire being. It affected me mentally, emotionally and most of all, physically. It weakened my immune system more and greatly changed my health. Weeks after recovering from covid, I felt like I’m not the same me anymore. It seems like the virus… Continue reading Getting Back in Shape

When you Compare

According to Theodore Roosevelt, ‘comparison is the thief of joy’. People used to compare themselves to others without realizing doing it. If we compare ourselves to others, it won’t bring any good for us. Comparing make us insecure and discontented in life. It will only make us unhappy. Many people, and that include me, have… Continue reading When you Compare

A Year Ago…

Exactly a year ago when I gave myself a shot in the world of blogging. My ever first blog which I published here was just a piece of draft in which I thought no direction at all. As I’ve always said, I’ll just give myself a try. In the first place, I just want to… Continue reading A Year Ago…


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