The Vaccine

While some countries are already start giving covid vaccine to their people, the Philippine government is still under negotiation with vaccine manufacturers. Upon these negotiations, a lot of issues arise regarding to which vaccine has the highest efficacy rate, is it safe, do all Filipinos can receive the vaccine shot, is it free, and so on. Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Novavax are only some of the manufacturer who develop the covid19 vaccine and they are from different countries.

Our government is eyeing for the vaccines from three manufacturers: Sinovac of China, Pfizer-BioNTech of USA and AstraZeneca of United Kingdom. The vaccine shot is not mandatory at all, but still the govenment is encouraging the citizen to have vaccinated. For the question whether is it free? The answer is yes it is. The vaccine is free only for priority groups. (source: DOH)

According to the health department, frontline health workers, senior citizens (ages 60 and up), indigent population and uniformed personnel are the priority groups to be vaccinated because of limited supply of vaccines and they have the highest risk of exposure to virus. So millions of ordinary citizens like me, who also want to be vaccinated will be left behind and need to wait for indefinite time to be in the list.

The fact that the vaccines would be unavailable in the private clinics and pharmacies, most ordinary citizens who are not in priority groups are in doubt whether the government will still provide them the vaccines. I myself felt a bit of disappointment in this matter. I understand that the government is doing their best to combat this covid19 pandemic. But I am also in doubt if they really doing their best to protect the Filipino citizens or they are only in character infront of the media.

I smelled something political and corruption in acquiring and procuring the vaccines. In the past years of corruption issues in our government especially in the health sector, you can’t blame me or most of the public whose trust in the present administration is declining. As an ordinary Filipino citizen, I’ll just do my best to protect myself from the virus while waiting for unspecified time to be vaccinated. But I’m afraid for the worst, to be wait for nothing.