Hello Short Hair!

We all know that hair is the crowning glory of every woman. As many people are saying, the longer the hair, the more attractive a woman is. I always so love having a long hair. Through the years, I grew my hair long because it makes me gain confidence. Also, I can style whatever I want if I have a long hair.

But today, I just made a huge decision – cutting my hair, not too short but almost half of it were gone. I couldn’t stand the uncomfortable feeling of my long hair anymore, especially this summer. Too much heat makes my hair more brittle, dry, more hair loss and sticky even after shower. So tying it up was the only style I could make for my hair to lessen the uncomfortable feeling. But I became tired of tying my hair everyday that’s why I came to the decision of going to the salon and cut it shoulder length.

The hair stylist said that short hair is the trend today. Well for me, I don’t care about the trend, all I want is to feel comfortable with my hair. I closed my eyes while the stylist started to cut my hair. And after about 20 minutes, I opened my eyes and got surprised. I was very happy for the result. The hair stylist did a good job on my hair. I really liked it so much. I got a very light feeling and a new aura. It seems like I am a new me. When I got home, all in my family got surprised. They even said that I looked ten years younger. I believed them because I also feel the same. I looked like I was back to my mid 20’s when I got employed on my first teaching job.

Actually, it isn’t the first time I have a short hair. When I was studying, my hair didn’t got the chance to grew long. I always had a short hair. When I was in college, I even had a bobcat haircut, very short hair like a boy. Because then, I didn’t care that much about the length and the style of my hair. I just always did what would make me feel comfortable in my hair. When I started to worked, that was the time I became obsessed with long hair. And since then, I never tried to cut my hair short again, just a little bit of trimming was enough for me.

But this time is an exemption because I feel the need of cutting my hair a little shorter and I didn’t feel any regret of doing it. As matter of fact, I like the way I looked with shoulder length hair. I feel fresh, more confident and positive with my new hair.