Little Things Matter

Throughout the day, my routine makes me sometimes tiring and a bit boring because everything is all set. Waking up early and do morning routine, go out for a short jog, walk with my dog, prepare breakfast, do house cleaning, and so on. But in between those routines, there are little things that happen which make a difference within my day. Those small things which most of the times left unnoticed.

As I get up in the morning, the wagging tail and the very excited face of my dog welcomes my day.

The morning breeze touches my face while doing my morning jog, and it feels great.

The first view of the sunrise right infront of me is such an honor.

The early greetings of some of the joggers in the area is like a music in my ears though coming from strangers.

And on my way home upon making a stop in the bakery, the smile of the baker while giving my bread is like an ingredient that will complete my breakfast.

As I arrived home, the sweet morning messages I received on my phone from my fiancé are enough to start my day.

The tiktok dance of my nephews give me a reason to laugh and forget all my worries.

And there’s still more small happenings during my day which actually makes a big impact on how I appreciate things in life.  When I rest and lay down on my bed at night, I always look back those little things that happened and it put smile on my face. I appreciate more these small things in life.

A simple positive gesture can make someone’s day great. Small things can build friendships and relationships. Small act of kindness can change someone’s life. We do not know how we bring joy and make someone’s day bright in just a simple smile or greeting. Sometimes little things do matter the most.