Hoping for the Better Second Half

Time really flies so fast, that like in a blink of an eye we are about to face the second half of the year. It seems like yesterday was only January and we were all hoping for a better 2021. I could tell that the first half was a bit nicer for some of us than the previous year.

While many countries started to administer their vaccination program against covid and are aiming for herd immunity before the year ends, there are countries still suffering because of the spread of the new variant of the virus which really kills in a large scale.

In a third world country like ours, I don’t think herd immunity is possible by the end of the year. Because as of now, only about 2.5 percent of the population were given a complete vaccination, and it’s still a very long way to go to reach the goal.

Everybody is still hoping for a mask-free Christmas this year, and so am I. There’s no day I pray for the end of this pandemic. I always wish that all of these are nothing but just a nightmare, that after waking up, everything is as normal as before. But it’s not like that. This is already the sad reality.

Though I used myself already for the ‘new normal’ way of living for the past one and a half year, I still missed those days where I freely go everywhere without wearing a mask and without worrying about being infected by the virus. But anyway, we still have more than five hopeful months left this year. We still have chance to finish this battle as long as we live. And like playing basketball, don not lose hope and never give up at half time, concentrate to win on the second half.

Everyday is a miracle and with God nothing is impossible. I will just expect for the better this second half of the year – expect for better health, safer environment and longer life for everybody who is also hopeful like me.