A Roller Coaster Ride of Life

Staring at the ceiling of my bedroom, I got mixed thoughts about life. It indeed like riding on a roller coaster. Full of ups and downs, moving in a fast and slow pace. Scary. Fun. Full of excitement. Painful. All possible emotions can be felt. We never know what to expect.

The downward track is scary and most of the time, painful inside. We fall many times which causes us to be hurt deep inside. And sometimes, we feel hopeless. On the other hand, the ups of the coaster is full of excitement and joy. Just like our lives, being on the topmost and highest peak of our lives make us the happiest. The good moments make us enjoy our lives at most. Sometimes we feel our lives are almost perfect. It’s more fun being on top. And then suddenly, we are about to experience being on our lowest point again.

Like riding a roller coaster, as long as it is moving, we can experience different emotions. We can’t control the ups and downs. However, we have the choice how to react while in the ride. We can scream and shout out loud or we just enjoy the whole ride. It all depends on us. Just like in our lives, everything that may happen to us, either good or bad, it’s all depend on us how we feel.

Though we can’t control the ride of our lives, we have the power to control our thoughts. And our thoughts can control our feelings and emotions. And if we overcome those negative thoughts, our emotions can be diverted to positive one. Maybe those down moments of our lives feel scary and painful, but we have to think that the ups, fun and happy part are coming up next. By thinking that way, we feel more excited and forgot the scary and painful part.

Life moves like a roller coaster to keep us alive. It always caught us in the moment when we are unprepared. Our life can take us in a ride at the most unexpected time.

And right now, I am on the down moment of my roller coaster ride.