A Dose of Vitamin Sea

It’s been a year of lockdown and travel restrictions, and I blamed the pandemic for that. I’ve been stuck at home for almost a year now. No travels and gatherings. My family used to go out every summer in a beach, but unfortunately, we missed it last summer of 2020. And now that summer is approaching, I doubt it if we’re going to make it this year. With covid19 still exist with the addition of some kind of its variant and the vaccines being delayed, staying out is still vulnerable.

I think I’m already lacking of vitamin sea. I really missed being in the beach, the clear blue water of the sea and the touch of the white-powdered sand on my feet. Beach is my second love destination, next to mountain. And honestly, I don’t know how to swim, I didn’t got the chance to learn it. I just love being in the shore and in the shallow part of the water, and that’s enough for me.

Here are some benefits of being in the beach/sea to my entire self:

– To watch the sunrise and the setting of the sun on the beach while sitting on the sand gives a perfect relaxing feeling for me.

– I also love the touch of the sunshine in the morning while walking along the shore. It erases all my stress and it makes me feel light.

– For me, spending time in the beach helps me to reboot and refresh.

– The fresh sea breeze is like an antidote to the restless speed of life.

– The sound of the waves is more than a refreshing music to my ears.

– The coolness of the water touching my feet gives an overwhelming feeling.

– Taking an early morning swim helps me to rejuvenate and restore my energy.

– Being in the beach makes me forget the busy and chaotic city life.

– Lying on the sand makes my mind and body restful for the time-being.

– I feel closer to nature when spending time in the beach.

So how can I resist being in the beach when obviously it brings more positive effect on me. Well, I just hope that I’ll have the chance to be with the sea again to get the benefits I badly needed.