I Almost Lost My Dog

One of the scariest thing happened to me yesterday. I almost lost my beloved dog Bingo while we were in our afternoon walk. Because of the late sunset, we adjusted the time of going out for walk. It’s already passed 6pm when I took my dog outside because the sun was still up that time. He usually walk, do his things and sniff when we are outside. We never go too far, just like only 50 meters away from our house. I avoided going out to the main street because there’s a lot of stray dogs and vehicles around. He’s always in his leash everytime I’ll bring him outside.

Yesterday was just like an ordinary day for us. Bingo went to his favorite place to do his things (poop and pee), sniff the ground and play with his new friend Milo, the male dog of my niece. I was holding his leash while walking when suddenly a stray female dog passes by. Bingo got excited and forced to pull his leash. Because he is too heavy, I couldn’t held the leash tightly and it slipped from my hand. Bingo ran too fast chasing the female stray dog heading towards the street. I ran after him but he lost in my sight. I went back home to asked my brother’s help. I rode in my motorcycle to find him. I was too anxious because Bingo is not aware of the street.

There’s a lot of things running on my mind – what if he hit by a car or some bad people took him and kill him for meat trade. I was going crazy. But at the same time, I was praying that some kindhearted people see him and look for his collar where his name and my contact number is engraved. I was already crying because we almost searched the whole street and he’s nowhere to be found. Even the stray dog Bingo chased was nowhere to seen.

We were searching for almost an hour already and it started to get dark. The streets in our area are not safe for strays and missing dogs. I was worried as someone might hit Bingo because he’s too big and some people possibly got scared of him. He’s afraid of stick or anything that is long because he think that he’ll be hit by that kind of stuff. After a while, my brother received a phone call that saved my tears and worries. It was his friend who knows Bingo. He said he saw him wandering at the end of the street not too far from where we were. I told him to not lose his sight to Bingo.

I didn’t waste a second and drove towards where Bingo was seen. I was still far when I saw him in the middle of the dark street. My heart beats too fast as I approaching to where he was. He was afraid and seemed really lost. When he saw me, he ran very fast towards me with his wagging tail. He jumped at me like we never see each other for a long time. And it’s like he was crying. I hugged him and told him not to do it again. When we arrived home, he was starving and thirsty.

My heart slowly back to it’s normal beating. I thought I’ll never see my furbaby again and I couldn’t imagine he’ll be gone in my life. Now I’ll start to save for his neuter fee to stop him chasing female dogs and for he become healthier. I promised myself to love Bingo more and I’ll be extra careful and attentive to all his needs because he is so precious to me. I know that dogs do not live longer like humans but still, it isn’t the right time to lose him in my life, I am not yet ready.