Black and White

Most of the time, people tend to see life as only black or white. We limit ourselves to things we are just wanted to see. I myself is guilty of labelling things or situations in only two sides, referring only to ‘bad or good’ and whether it is ‘right or wrong’. I used to make immediate judgement without seeing things objectively. Maybe because making decisions seeing only black or white is much easier but it always likely to give an ineffective results. I experienced being in the situation wherein I only limit myself whether I’ll go in either left or right, without seeing the different directions possible.

Not until I realized that there are more shades I should see rather than sticking only to ‘black or white’. It’s better to view things in different shades of gray without limiting our sight to only two dimensions. There are more layers in every situation which are not all visible. Sometimes, it really requires a lot of effort to recognize the various shades of it, and yes, it is very challenging to do so. But we should see things in different angles and the way they really are, not in the way we want to see them. We need to look further because we might see the different view hidden underneath.

I also tend to blame my pain as the result of some bad or wrong situation, but then I realized that the pain I had was a part of growing. I just need to open my mind and see things in details, not giving only a single thought of it. The more I work on myself how to perceive and accept things in different points of view, the better I see the complexities in life.

After all, it’s like seeing the rainbow through the shades of black and white.