A Year Ago…

Exactly a year ago when I gave myself a shot in the world of blogging. My ever first blog which I published here was just a piece of draft in which I thought no direction at all. As I’ve always said, I’ll just give myself a try.

In the first place, I just want to write anything and everything about my world. I have never once aspired to be a professional blogger because I knew in myself I would never be. I am lacking of many things and still need to learn a lot more to be a good blogger. I just wrote what’s on my mind and the content of my heart and soul.

However, I didn’t realized I’ve already written more than 200 in just a year though I wasn’t that active, and also more than 200 bloggers who followed my site. That’s already a big number for a beginner like me. I only write when there’s something I feel to share. I also never imagined that somehow, there were some readers who spent time passing by my blogs.

I am also so grateful that there were few who appreciates my posts and some even leave an encouraging comment. For me, that was already an accomplishment. I highly appreciated even just one liked, and even most grateful if it’s more than that.

In a year of writing, I also faced a lot of challenges – mentally, physically and emotionally that hindered me to write. There were also times that I felt like I have no more to share as my mind went blank and thought of giving up. There’s once I felt empty that nothing I could write, as in nothing at all.

But then, there’s always that special someone who always lift my spirit up and motivates me to continue and never give up. That’s really matters to me and inspired me a lot to go on.

One year is just very short and I still have a very long path to walk to. I still have mountains of things to learn about the world of blogging. I’ll continue to learn and always treat myself as a beginner. I will try to continue to share more of my experiences, thoughts and the content of my heart in the future. I do hope that there’ll be more readers who’ll get inspire and will appreciate my past and future blogs.