The Real Adventure in DRT

A quick day trip can satisfy nature’s lovers cravings for adventures in DRT, a far-flung mountainous destination in the province of Bulacan, just more than an hour drive from Manila. Doña Remedios Trinidad or simply DRT is a first class municipality in the province of Bulacan in Central Luzon Region.

The town’s name was derived in honor of Doña Remedios Trinidad Romualdez, the mother of the former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos, who’s originally from Bulacan. It is the largest municipality in the province and known for its natural environment because it lies on the southern edge of Sierra Madre mountain range. It is also known as ‘Bulacan’s Last Frontier’ because it is the least travelled town in the province. But during the pandemic, DRT became one of the favorite destination for those who seek real adventures without spending too much.

And what to expect in DRT? Here are the list of activities you can do and enjoy:

  • Hike and trek in DRT’s mountains and hills that offers different levels of difficulty.
  • Climb their stunning rock formations.
  • Spelunk in their caves and discover its secrets.
  • Swim in refreshing  water of DRT’s waterfalls and springs.
  • Cliff dive into the cold water of the river.
  • Plan a picnic with your friends and family while viewing the breathtaking sight of lush mountains and canopies around you.
  • Pitch your tent and have an overnight camping and watch the stars at night in DRT’s different camping areas.
  • Ride in your bike and discover the forested terrain that will lead you to refreshing cascades.
  • Post your best shots with the amazing landscape from their view decks.

DRT is just starting to be known for travelers and there’s more to improve in its tourism sector. Unfortunately, there is no phone signal in most of the areas. Also expect a zigzag, uphill, downhill, paved and unpaved roads as you drive along the way. Most of the spots have entrance fee for their maintenance and some requires you to hire a tour guide, for your safety. Nonetheless, DRT will surely meet all your expectations in terms of real adventures. Traveling here will definitely gives you a total relaxation in more practical ways, especially this time of pandemic.