Feeling Sad For No Reason

Have you ever feel bad or sad for no reason? Being emotional all of a sudden and didn’t know why tears kept falling from your eyes. Like you think you’re being crazy because of unexplainable reason behind those feelings. Or maybe there’s really a reason but you’re just not aware of it.

It’s been my routine to take a short nap in the afternoon due to lack of sleep at night. I always thought of paying all my sleepless nights through a thirty-minute to an hour nap during every afternoon. This afternoon was a bit different from my usual nap. I woke up in tears and didn’t know why. I feel very sad. I couldn’t remember having a dream or a nightmare. Maybe I had dreamed but totally forgot all about it. But still, even how hard I tried to think of the reason why I feel sad upon waking up, nothing comes on my mind.

I even tried to remember if there were some events happened on me previously which made me that sad. But there’s nothing as far as I remember. Maybe my heart remember something sad that my mind wasn’t aware of. My tears kept on flowing so I decided to stay on my room because I was afraid my mom would notice my swollen red eyes. I started to feel worried because it’s unusual of me to act like a fool.

Why I was feeling like this without knowing the reason? I just took a nap and suddenly woke up feeling like I’m the saddest person in the world. Though I wanted to ignore it, my heart and eyes were collaborating to play on my emotions. I wiped my tears, closed my eyes and tried to clear my mind. And I did it for about five minutes.

I suddenly remember what my psychology professor said when I was in college. She said that being sad or happy is just a state of mind and nothing wrong about being sad or feeling down. If you feel sad, with or without reason, just be with your feelings and don’t ever resist it. Just do nothing because it’s not permanent and will pass anytime. I ignored what she taught us before but now I realized her point. My professor was absolutely right. Why am I bothering myself to find out the reason behind my sudden feeling of sadness, where I could just let it be and let it pass? I am only making myself complicated if I continue to dig into my emotions.

I calm myself and took a very deep breath. I decided to just let myself to feel what I am feeling. I went out from my room and when my mom noticed my eyes, I lied and told her that I watched a drama movie. It’s been hours and my eyes stopped on crying and my sadness subsides. Sometimes, doing nothing really helps a lot. I’ll just wait the right time for my feelings to back in it’s normal phase.