Letting Go of Excess Baggage

The first time I travel out of the country was very memorable for me. It was also my first time getting on the plane. I felt mixed emotions – excited, happy, nervous – because it was my first time. Upon checking-in, I didn’t expected that I had almost four kilos of excess in my baggage and I didn’t have an extra cash to pay for the excess.

Good thing my family were still outside waiting for me to finish the check-in process. I needed to unload some of my stuff from my luggage so that my family could bring them home. It was difficult for me to decide which belongings I would let go from my luggage. Everything inside was important for me. So I need to choose very carefully which of my things are less important to lessen my excess. After a few minutes, I successfuly removed the excess of four kilos from my luggage.

That experienced taught me how to let go of the things that might prevent me to move on, especially in life. We can never be happy in life if we are still carrying our excess baggage. It makes us perform less and move slowly in achieving our goals.

Excess baggage comes in different forms. It maybe our guilt, shame, fear, worries trauma, failed and toxic relationship, ego, distractions, expectations, mistakes, painful experiences, failures, negativity or even someone who hurt us or something we treasured in the past and so on. If one of these prevent us to live happily and hold us back from reaching our dreams, it’s time for us to learn how to let go of these things. It may not that easy, but we may realize over time that these excess baggage is no longer fit in our life and will only make us suffer.

If we recognize thoroughly which of the things are continue to hold us back in moving forward in life, then, it’s time for us to off load that excess and free ourselves from it. Otherwise, carrying that excess will only make us pay the price. Still, it’s better to continue our journey without carrying the excess baggage because it’ll only add burden to us while we live. We all travel through life with our own baggage, but carrying only what we can makes our life more at ease and happier.