Awakening Sunday

As usual, I didn’t got enough sleep last night for some unavoidable reasons. I feel heavy when I woke up this morning. It was raining the whole night and until morning. I turned off my alarm, grabbed my daily dose of maintenance medicine and took it with a glass of water. My body was still lazy so I put my blanket back all over me. Then I realized that I need to get up. My dog was waiting for me for his breakfast. I dragged myself out from bed and do my morning routine. I brought my dog out to do his thing and fed him breakfast after.

My feet pulled me back to my room and sat on my bed. I get the book I read everyday on my side table but another book accidentally fell on the floor. I picked it up and it was the small size Bible given to me by my mom very long time ago. I almost forgot that I put it in between my pile of books, I thought I kept it somewhere else. It was already a bit old and some of its pages are slightly folded. As I turned the pages to flatten the folded parts, I saw the verses highlighted in green. Those were my favorite verses which I marked during the days I spent time reading it. Bible verses that inspired me a lot during the time I was down, feel alone and broken. Verses that motivated me to moved on in life.

I read those highlighted verses again and reminisce everything that happened to me before, how these words of God helped me in times I needed them the most. I wonder why my Bible suddenly showed up, perhaps it reminded me that it’s just there with me all the time but I l almost forgot about it’s presence.

Yes, I never lose faith in God, ever. I always talk with Him every now and then. And at that very moment, I realized that’s not enough. I should do again what I used to do, read the Bible and never get tired to get inspired by His teachings and never ending love through His words. My day has never been so light like this. The heaviness I felt when I woke up this morning was just a way of finding what I am missing for a long time in my life. And I know for sure this is God’s wake up call for me. Indeed, this really made my Sunday.