Things To Do During Quarantine This Summer

Hot summer days really makes your head crack especially here in the Philippines where temperature rises up to 38 to 40 degrees Celcius. The best thing to beat this heat is to plunge yourself into refreshing water of the sea. However, pandemic limit us to travel in our favorite beaches destination. Quarantine makes us stuck up inside our home but this doesn’t mean our summer becomes bored. There are still a lot of things to do to beat the boredom and the heat this summer in the comfort of our home. Here are some of the things you can still do while in a quarantine this summer.

Set-up your own swimming pool inside your backyard.

Who says you cannot go on swimming this summer during pandemic? Although it’s kind of difficult and hassle to travel on your favorite beaches and resorts because of travel restrictions, you can still plan on your swimming outing with your family. If you do not have your own swimming pool inside your backyard, you can construct one or set-up an inflatable pool. You can still showcase your swimming outfit while enjoying the water anytime without taking the risk of going outside your home.

Learn new hobbies/skills.

To reduce your stress this summer due to pandemic, try to learn new things. Give yourself a break by taking the challenge of engaging yourself into a hobby that will give you new skills while staying at home. Try to learn how to bake and cook with a lot of free video tutorials online. If you are into nature, why not make your own garden. Try also to learn how to sew, to embroider or to knit. You can also engage yourself physically by learning new sports or work-outs suitable for indoors. There are endless options you can choose from, depends on your ability and what makes you feel comfortable of learning.

Experiment on different cold drinks and desserts perfect for summer.

While dining out on your favorite café and restaurant is still not allowed, why not try to make your own cold desserts and drinks that will cool you down this summer. Instead of taking-out or order for delivery, try to learn and experiment on your favorite desserts and drinks. There’s a lot of video tutorials that will help you to DIY your own summer treats.

Learn a new language.

Learning a new language may sound a bit difficult but there’s no harm in trying. There are many available free online tutorials to learn different languages. You can choose the one that you’ll think you can take advantage in the future. Try Mandarin Chinese, Japanese Nihongo, Korean, German, Spanish or Arabic, and from the long list of languages around the world.

Movies/TV series marathon.

If you are a couch potato type of person, try to subscribe on Netflix and other streaming platforms. You can start to watch your favorite movies and tv series with your family in the comfort of your own home. Watching altogether with popcorn and cold drinks is the best family bonding this summer without risking your health by going to movie houses.

Stroll in your neighborhood.

Take a break and breath in fresh air this summer without going too far. Have a short walk or ride in your bicycle and roam around your neighborhood. But don’t forget to wear your facemask and still follow health protocols.

Teach your pet dog new tricks.

Use this summer as an opportunity to bond with your beloved four-legged. Spend some time to teach them new tricks, play with them and create wonderful memories while you are stuck up inside your home.

Read something new.

If you have more than enough books on your shelves, this summer is the time for you to spend time reading those books which you failed to read before because of your busy schedule. You can also download e-books of your favorite author online. This is an opportunity to keep your mind busy while in quarantine.