She lifted the Filipino spirit

Despite the different problems happening in the country nowadays like the pandemic and continuous bad weather, an excellent news has arrived few days ago which made the Filipino nation to celebrate.

After 97 years since the Philippines participated in the Olympics, Hidilyn Diaz set a record as the first Olympic gold medalist in the weighlifting category in the Tokyo Olympics held in Japan. She has made the whole country extremely proud and lifted the spirits of every Filipino.

Weighlifting is one of the sports which is not given much support and attention in the country. Lack of funds from the government is the real struggle of the Filipino athletes who are competing in the international levels. Diaz even asked for financial support from private individuals to fund her trainings in preparation for the Olympics.

But despite the hardships and struggles, Diaz still manage to pursue her goal and that is to bring home the gold medal from the Olympics. Following her winning moment are floods of incentives from the government and private companies and individuals awaits for her. She’ll be receiving millions of cash, condo unit, house and lot, car and a lot more. And she deserves all of that.

Her triumph has been the headline of every news portal in the country since day one of her winning. She even trended in all social media platform. Filipinos around the globe are celebrating because the country’s flag has been raised for the first time in the Olympic stage.

Though I am not a fan of such kind of sports, I’m also very happy on her victory and I feel proud being a Filipino. I still couldn’t imagine how a small woman weigh only 55 kilograms lifted a total of 224 kilograms. For me that’s insane, I am 65 kg. but struggling to lift a pail of water (lol). Truly, the determination is on her, and I really admire her for that.

This victory should serve as a reminder for the government and other officials to provide full support needed by the Filipino athletes who are aiming to bring pride to their home country.