At Last, Got My 1st Dose of Protection

It was only few months ago when covid vaccine started to administer in our municipality. Citizens who wants to receive vaccine need to register first into an online platform created by our local government unit. I was one of those millions who wants to be vaccinated for protection against corona virus.

It was April when I register online to be listed as a recipient of the vaccine. I knew it would take me a little longer to wait because I am not in the priority category. Every single day I patiently wait to receive a text message of my vaccine schedule. Months have already passed but still got no message. I’ve already seen a lot of people posting their photos showing that they were already vaccinated. While other countries already started to give booster shot to their citizens, here I was, still waiting to get my first dose. And I’ve never expected that my waiting would take almost half a year.

It was the first week of August when finally I received a text message from our local health unit providing my schedule of vaccine. I should feel happy with that message because at last, waiting time is over and I’ll get my first jab of vaccine. But that wasn’t how I feel because the time I received my vaccine schedule was the time I was in quarantine because I tested positive with covid. Unfortunately, I couldn’t able to receive the vaccine yet as I need to get recover first, finish my quarantine and get a negative test result. I was advised to wait another message for the reschedule of my vaccine. I felt dismayed on my situation because I lost the opportunity to get my most awaited first dose of vaccine.

After more than a month since I recovered from covid and tested negative, at last, I received a text message stating my new schedule for my first dose. And on October 5th, finally, I received my first jab of Sinovac vaccine. Honestly, it’s not the brand I expected and wish to get because of it’s low efficacy rate, but I have no choice. It’s better than no protection at all. It’s what matters most – immunity and protection from virus.

After my difficult experienced of having a covid, I don’t want to get infected again. Now that I received my first shot of protection, I’ll just wait for my second to get fully vaccinated.