(#2) My Sunday Reflection

In life, you learn lessons. And sometimes, you learn them the hard way. Sometimes, you learn them too late. – Taylor Swift

It always says that life is a continuous learning process. We learned from our own mistakes and experiences. The more we get old and mature, the more we learn about life. And our experiences taught us lessons which made us somehow a better person.

In my 39 years of existence, I realized that my past experiences and mistakes left me some lessons I am grateful that I learned them before it’s too late.

  • As I get older, I start to miss my old days, where life was too simple and not complicated as today.
  • I realized that some people will only treat you nice when you have something to give. When you have nothing to share, you are nothing to them.
  • Expecting is one way of hurting yourself. Do not expect too much or you’ll feel disappointed. So I am trying to expect less.
  • The law of karma do really exist. When you did something, good or bad, karma will find its way to you, one way or the other. So I stop thinking to get revenge, I just let karma to do its work.
  • Living my life trying to please others and to meet their expectations just gave me a fake fulfillment. It does not make me truly happy.
  • Change is the only permanent thing in this world. I dare not to be afraid to try changes, as long as it is for the better.
  • Fairy tales doesn’t really exist. So I learned not to be too delusional with the fantasy of living happily ever after.
  • I realized that the only person who will stand with me and fight for me is only myself.
  • Travel as long as you are physically and financially capable. It’s one of the investment for yourself which the memory would last for lifetime. I am glad I am doing it.
  • I realized that not everything are taught in school. Most of our learnings came from our own experiences outside the school.
  • Earning a diploma and degree is not as important as having a good attitude.
  • I learned that saying ‘No’ sometimes is not that bad, it helps. Nodding and saying ‘Yes’ all the time is sometimes not healthy.
  • Listening is more important than talking too much.
  • No one would understand you and your situation unless they experienced yours, and vice versa.
  • Patience is really a virtue, especially in love and relationship. If it is meant for you, it will come in your life no matter how long it takes and even at your late age. It happened to me!
  • You will prove that your friends are real when they stay with you not only for happy moments but most especially when you feel down and broke. And I’m grateful there’s more real friends stayed with me.
  • Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. I am most of the time alone, but still I am happy.
  • Never share your problems with anyone. They’ll just criticize and mock you behind your back or they really not care at all. I’ve already encountered such kind of people.
  • Your health is your greatest asset. Stop abusing your body at work or in anything just because you are young and stronger. It will ruin your health in the future. Invest in having a good health. I never think about it until I got health issues. I hope its not too late.
  • The most painful betrayal will come from someone you trusted the most. It was one of my heartbreak so far. So I learrned to trust no one.
  • Our time and life is limited so make the most out of it without regrets. I started to live my life the way I want to live it as long as I am not stepping on others life and as much as I am happy.

As long as I live and experience the ups and downs of life, I know I will continue to learn from it.