Biting My Tongue

Words that has been said cannot be unsaid. Our tongue is the most powerful weapon ever created. The words utter by our tongue can heal, inspire and motivate people. On the otherhand, it can also destroy reputations and relationships, and even can harm and kill someone. It is mightier than any kind of swords. Words that are hurtful, dishonest and slanderous are like a piercing sword straight into one’s heart. So before you say something, think a hundred times because once word leaves your mouth, you cannot take it back anymore. Sharp words can be forgiven sometimes, but cannot be forgotten.

I remember being a sharp spoken most of the time when I was teaching. I didn’t even think twice whenever I wanted to say something or have to voice out my opinion. I was always on debate with some of my colleagues and principal whenever there were issues or topics which opposed with my views. That’s why I was always on a hot seat. For me, I was just expressing myself and as far as I know I was in the right side, but not for the people who were listening to me. Maybe for them, my words were being too harsh.

Then I sow what I reaped. Because I as well began to experience the same. Hearing some harsh words from others like a sharp knife stuck into my heart. Hurtful words that are unbearable to listen to, like a fire burning my whole system. It was then I realized being a sharp spoken couldn’t give any good for me and for the people around me.

From then on, I started to learn how to bite my tongue even it hurts. Eventhough I know I’m in the right track, I should still learn how to stop my mouth from uttering words that might ruin my relationship to others. I’m trying to learn how to use my words in a more proper manner (but still depend to who I am talking to). Though it’s really hard to shut my mouth in different circumstances, I still need to do it for the benefit of many. I learned when should I only speak my mind.

Words have their own weight, and it could bring a person down to the lowest point. I already experienced it, that’s why I am trying harder to avoid doing the same to others.