I Saw My Own Death

Yes, I was killed in my dream. I saw myself stabbed with a knife by some stranger. I shouted for help but nobody was around to rescue me. It was raining and my body is almost covered with blood. Then people started to gather around me and a familiar person, my boyfriend, hurriedly came and tried to wake me up.

My other self was standing beside my dead body and I was calling the attention of my boyfriend but he has no response. I shouted out loud but nobody seemed to notice me. Then they transfer my dead body in a stretcher and covered it with white cloth. My other self left alone standing in the middle of the rain.

Then I woke up. Another weird and terrifying dream.

Out of curiosity, I googled the meaning of my dream. I read a lot of interpretations about being killed in a dream or dreaming about our own death. I usually don’t believe in the meaning of certain dreams. I was just really curious this time that’s why I tried to search for some interpretation.

According to what I read, dreaming our own death indicates a transitional phase in life. Like there’ll be a major change that may happen in our life. It also symbolizes inner changes, transformation, self-discovery and positive development within ourselves. Well, the meaning is not bad at all. Actually, almost of the interpretations I read about dreaming of own death are positive.

Whatever it is, weather the meaning is true or not, or if it doesn’t have a meaning at all, it’s not a big deal. Dreams are only stories and images created by our minds while sleeping. We shouldn’t be affected by our dreams in any kind of way.

Though my dream was a bit frightening, I still believed that it has nothing to do with my real life. After all, it’s just but only a dream.