Me, my hot coffee & a rainy Monday

Cold weather makes me so attached to my bed. I’m so lazy enough to get up for my morning routines. My stiff neck add up on this feeling of indolence The sound of alarm clock annoys me that I almost throw it away. Why am I feeling like this? I dragged myself out of my room. It’s raining hard. That’s why I felt this way even it’s Monday. It’s rainy season again. And here in our country, it will last until November. Around more than twenty typhoon again will probably come. Many low-lying area will suffer again from flood. Well, it’s not new for the Philippines. This happens every year on this season.

Good for me as I’m working from home because I’ll be safe from heavy rains. Still I need to function. I freshen up myself, taking a shower is like a punishment on this cold day. The only best thing I love doing on this kind of weather is to sip on my cup of hot coffee. It’s aroma revived my mood. Work mode on. After a couple of hours, I sat beside the window of my mom’s tiny store looking for the raindrops falling while enjoying my second cup. I looked up. The cloudy sky seemed very angry releasing it’s sentiment to the ground. Poor vegetable plants my mom grown outside slowly drowning by the strong splash of rainwater. There’s already like an ankle high flood outside. I caught a glimpse of children not so far enjoying playing in the rain. How funny to watch those little bunches as I remember my childhood. Rainy days were my favorite. I also used to play outside everytime it’s raining. Me and my playmates will make paper boats and float them on the water for a race. That was a very happy moment. I wish I could turn back that precious time of my childhood. All I could do now is to reminisce while watching the raindrops. It was already afternoon but I’m still on my pajamas. I wanted to take a short nap but the croaking of frogs coming from the vacant field infront of our house made me not to. They seemed protesting for something, or competing against the sound of the rain, they were too loud. After a while the rain subsides so I decided to go back on my desk. I almost forgot that it’s Monday. Rain or shine, I need to be productive with the help of another cup of enticing hot capuccino.