As the dawn breaks
There comes the new beginning
The sunrise reminds a new hope
Starting to face the day
With a kiss of the sunshine
The singing bees and butterflies
The sweet scent of blooming flowers
The purity of your soul
And your innocent heart
The sweet smile in those little eyes
Gives the day a wonderful sight
The chirping birds on the bamboo grass
Kids laughing on the playground
A young man playing on his guitar
Are all great music to hear
As the morning comes to greet
Flying a kite is a simple joy
To a little boy who lost his toy
Paper dolls for the cute girl
Who wants to play everywhere
Father works in his huge farm
While mother care for their little ones
The joy of having a simple life
Is the greatest dream of everyone
To live without complications
But full of hope and inspirations
Think of nothing and just be happy
Plain and simple as it be
Breathing freely without hate
Running through the safe haven
With peace of mind and joyful soul
And deeper sleep in a peaceful night
The beauty of life in all simplicity
Living like this is a dream to me.