Getting Back in Shape

Getting sick and infected by corona virus made a huge impact in my entire being. It affected me mentally, emotionally and most of all, physically. It weakened my immune system more and greatly changed my health.

Weeks after recovering from covid, I felt like I’m not the same me anymore. It seems like the virus took away a big part of me. My breathing wasn’t normal like before. I get easily tired. A simple housework or movement makes me easily out of breath. My mind always get blank and I experienced difficulty in concentrating. I also sometimes feel depressed and down.

Then I started to realize that I shouldn’t be like that. It’s not me. I need to get back my old healthy self. I need to get back in shape. I motivated myself and decided to be physically fit and healthy again. I began to do breathing exercise as I woke up early in the morning and I do it three to five times a day to strengthen my lungs. After exercising my breath for few weeks, I started to feel comfortable in breathing. Then, I started to go for a short walk around the house. When I felt that I could do a little more than walking, I gradually do jogging.

Together with some of my family members who were also infected by covid, we planned to go for jogging every morning. We searched for a safer area nearby our place where we can freely run and do some physical exercises. I was very glad that we found one. I conditioned myself to wake up as early as 5am to do warm up exercise followed by a short distance jog. Everyday I increased the distance and laps of my jogging and I did it for a week.

On my second week, I decided to do it every other day to give my body a rest. Jogging makes me feel more comfortable in breathing and it helps me regaining the physical fitness I lost from the virus. I also started to eat healthier and avoid processed and frozen foods.

I realized that taking advantage with my health would bring no good, especially in times of sickness where my health is the one that suffers a lot. I need to strengthen my immune system to fight for any kind of viruses and diseases. I don’t want to experience losing my physical strength again as well as my mental health. So now, I will still continue what I am doing to fully getting back in shape.