My 100th Post

It was the end of July 2020 when I posted my first blog here in WordPress. I was kind of hesitated at first whether I’ll be writing or not. But because of the encouragement and support of my fiancé, I ended up giving it a try. “Why not?” I told myself. There’s nothing wrong if I try. I could express myself through writing/blogging. Little did I know, I got to write anything almost everyday or whenever I had something I need to share.

I’ve written about my life and experiences, my journey, my sentiments, my reflections, issue about politics and government, health related topics, my travel experiences, my cooking skills, about my dog and I even wrote a poem. Almost what’s inside my mind and heart I shared through blogging. But there were also times that I have nothing on my mind to write. I felt like I was missing an inspiration and motivation to express myself. And at the end, I find myself writing again.

I am such grateful for those readers who likes my every post, it didn’t matter to me the numbers. One like makes me happy already. I really appreciated every like and comment left in my every post. Knowing that someone spend their precious time viewing my site and read my post are more than enough for me to be more inspired in writing. And also with more than a hundred followers of my site is already an honored.

And now, I couldn’t imagined that I will reach my 100th post. I might sound exaggerating, but as a new member of blogging world, all of these are already a milestone for me. I know I am just a beginner and I have a very long way to go to become a better blogger. I hope I could write more in the upcoming days, months and years. And I also hope for more support from readers for me to get more inspired and motivated to write.

Happy 100th post to me!

Thanks WordPress