It’s Not ‘Just a Dog’

It’s been my routine to pet my dog and talk to him every morning before giving him a walk outside. I remember one time, my five-year old nephew asked me if Bingo (my dog) is my child and if he understand what I am saying to him. I gladly answered my nephew with a big yes. And then he replied, ‘but he’s just only a dog’.

I felt disappointed at that moment but I couldn’t blame my nephew because even his parents and other members of my family see my dog as just only a dog, just only an animal, and not as a member of our family. I just explained to him that even Bingo is a dog, he should be treated as part of our family.

The saddest reality that I’m the only one who treats Bingo as part of our family started since the day I adopted him. Until now, they treat Bingo as only a dog and not part of the family. I even criticized by allotting budget for his food and why just not give him leftovers because it’s just only a dog. I even received negative feedbacks when I feel worried whenever my dog is sick. That I’ve gone crazy spending money for his medicines and other needs because it’s just only a dog. If it got sick and dies, be it, because it’s just only a dog and it’s not a big deal.

Even how tried I explain that dogs and other animals also matter, they still firmed with their beliefs that dogs are just only dogs and animals are just only animals and they shouldn’t given much importance. Actually, nobody would understand how I feel but only those who have compassion for animals. I don’t know why there are people who do not understand that animals’ lives also matters and that they also have feelings.

As far as I know, this world belongs to all living things created by God, and that include animals. We are only sharing this earth with other creatures like them. And that every lives matter, including my dog. I think, only with a broad mind and a warm heart would be able to understand.

Many still don’t understand that having dogs in your life is one of the greatest feeling ever. For me, they are four-legged angels sent to this world to bring us joy and genuine love. I just hope that time will come that many people begin to understand that animals like dogs are not only just a dog, but they are more than just a dog.