More to Explore in Jeju Island (My Jeju Trip part 4)

The following tourist destinations were the last on my Jeju Island trip:

Jeju Hallim Park

One of the most popular tourist spots in Jeju Island is the Hallim Park which was built in 1971. It was an infertile sandy land turned into an amazing and refreshing paradise open to public. The 100 thousand-meter square park is home for different themed parks including the Subtropical Garden, Wild Grass and Flower Garden, Bird Garden, Palm Tree Avenue, Stone Exhibit Hall, Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden, Hyeopjae and Ssangyong Cave, the Water Garden and the Jae-Am Folk Village. The awesome panoramic scenery of the park will truly mesmerize tourists of all ages. Exploring every single corner of the park will absolutely satisfy your vision while enjoying its refreshing ambience. Including Hallim Park on your itinerary when you travel to Jeju will surely worth your time.

Jeju Folk Village

Jeju Folk Village is the best tourist destination for you if you want to travel back in time and want to experience the old life and culture of Jeju. This is one of the main attraction in the island where visitors can explore the traditional past of Jeju. This village were once residences with over 100 traditional houses and facilities now on display. It was reconstructed based on Jeju history experts. This village becomes the shooting location of some historical Korean drama with Joseon dynasty setting. This cultural space also display a range of Jeju’s folklore items which are properly preserved. Roaming around the village instantly brought me back to the era where I only seen on Korean dramas. Visiting Jeju Folk Village is a rare and once in a lifetime opportunity for me to have a glance at Korean history, culture and traditions.

Hello Kitty Island

Hello Kitty Island is the largest permanent Hello Kitty exhibition in South Korea. There are 18 exhibition halls about Hello Kitty character and her San Rio Family including the Kitty History Hall, Music Education Hall, Art Gallery, Trip Around the World Gallery Hall, Art Education Hall, Constellation Education Hall and a lot more. A 6-minute 3D Hello Kitty movie is also available to view. Visitors can shop for their favorite Hello Kitty collectibles and merchandise available on their gift shop. A variety of books can be browse in their Hello Kitty Library. You can also take a break in Hello Kitty Café and try their sweet desserts and drinks of your choice. After visiting the place, you’ll find yourself deeply in love with the charm of Hello Kitty. This place is a must-visit especially for all Hello Kitty lovers around the world.

Jeju Love Land

Jeju Love Land is a place intended only for adults and no minors are allowed to enter. This is a themed sculpture park based on sensuality and eroticism. Opened in 2004, the park features 140 sculpture (100 are outside and 40 in the gallery) representing humans in various sexual position. It also focused on a theme of sex and runs a sex education films. There’s a glass-dome restaurant, an outdoor café and an art shop. There are also various work of arts which visitors are allowed to touch. The park is described as ‘a place where love-oriented art and eroticism meet’.