Blue is Cool

The calmness color of the sky and the refreshing cool water of the sea makes me feel peaceful and relax. One reason is because they are in color blue. And yes, blue is my favorite color. I don’t know when I started to like this color. As far as I remember I already like anything with the blue color eversince I was a child. I always chose this color, from toys, notebooks, pens, bags, umbrella – I want everything in color blue.

When I was in grade school and high school, I always inspired to wear my school uniform because my skirt is color blue. Some of my classmates teased me being boyish when they found out that blue is my favorite color because most of my girl classmates like pink and the boys chose blue, stereotyping thing.

I learned in my psychology class when I was in college that certain colors can affect people’s moods, feelings and emotions. This is absolutely correct and relatable to me. Of all colors, blue makes my mood good and I always feel very calm and peaceful whenever I see anything in this color. It’s not that I don’t like any other color, I do also like black, green and purple, but my eyes most preferred to see the coolness of color blue.

Some of my things in different shades of Blue

As I grow older, my desire to have anything in color blue got stronger. I repainted my room with color blue to make me feel more comfortable everytime I’m in my room. My bed sheets, pillow cases, towels, slippers, shoes and most of my clothes are also in different shades of blue. I even repainted my motorcycle from color green to dark blue. When I buy something for our home, like kitchen items or even curtains, I always choose color blue or anything with the touch of blue. Even in a small details of items, it should be in this hue.

But, I don’t think it’s an obsession or something. I just really  love it. Maybe I’m not the only one who likes color blue, I guess there’s a lot of people whose favorite color is the same as mine. Well, we all do have our own preference and favorites. As for me, I’ll never get tired of liking and choosing blue in any shades.