Another Two Weeks of Lockdown

It’s been more than a year since the world hit by the deadly corona virus. More than a year of sufferings. More than a hundred million covid positive cases and almost 3 million deaths around the world. And the numbers continue to strike everyday. The Philippines alone logged 9,838 new covid positive cases today, the highest number of cases in a day since the pandemic began. Cases started to increase since the beginning of the month. And because of the recent spike of covid positive cases, the national government implemented another community quarantine in some areas in the country.

‘NCR plus bubble’ – another terminology created by the government to place some areas with the highest number of recorded covid cases daily. The NCR plus bubble includes the area of National Capital Region (NCR) or the whole Metro Manila and the provinces of Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal and Laguna. These areas are under the stricter general community quarantine for two weeks starting from March 22 up to the 4th of April. Unfortunately, my province of Bulacan is one of the province under the strict lockdown. And what does these all means? As usual wearing facemask and face shield at all times, especially when going outside the residence is a must. The authorities widen tighter restrictions and make sure everybody is following the health protocols.

Here are what to expect and some prohibited under the stricter General Community Quarantine in areas within the ‘NCR plus bubble’:

  • Going outside your home from 10pm to 5am, meaning there’s a curfew but does not cover the workers, public transportation and cargo vehicles.
  • Holding any type of gatherings with the exemptions of weddings, baptisms, funerals and religious services that are limited to 10 people only.
  • Indoor eating in a restaurants in not allowed, but outdoors or eating al fresco is allowed with 50% capacity limit only. Delivery and take out are highly suggested.
  • All cinemas, arcades, museums, libraries, driving schools and cultural sites are closed. Open-air tourist attractions are only allowed.
  • Persons below 18 years old are not allowed to go outside their residences. Elderly above 65 years old can only go outside to do outdoor exercises and non-contact sports. Otherwise, they are advised to stay inside their homes.
  • Going to gyms, spas and internet cafes are strictly prohibited as these establishments are temporary closed.
  • Travel essentials are only allowed such as: traveling for medical and humanitarian reasons; going to airport for travel abroad; crossing border/zones for business or work; health and emergency frontline services; going home (for returning Overseas Filipino Workers)
  • Checkpoints are scattered within the borders of areas included in the NCR plus bubble.

Only two weeks of stricter community quarantine, only 14 days of sacrifice for everybody’s safety. But, despite the effort of the national government, a lot of people are still not taking covid virus seriously. Still many do not follow health protocols. And the worst is that many are still roaming outside the street as if no deadly virus around.