When was the last time you think of her?
 When was the last time you give her smile?
 When was the last time you hold her hands?
 And when was the last time you hug her tight?

 She almost forgot your warm embrace
 Your sweet whisper on her ears
 And the laughter you made on your bed
Before you have a goodnight sleep.

She always laugh in front of you
And always smile when she’s with you
She always act like everything’s fine
Just to make you feel alright.

Is she still inside your heart?
Or is she lost when you’re apart?
Is she still your only home?
Or you already left her alone?

 There’s a pain behind her smile
 Her heart is crying out so loud
 Her soul feels weak and torn apart
 And she is broken deep inside.

She’s now living in the dark
 Finding herself back is too hard
 Losing her shadow in the light
 Crying in silence through the night.

 How she’ll be complete again?
 When she feels weak and shattered
 How to mend her broken heart?
 When all of her has fallen apart.

 All she wants is a painless sleep
 No more heartaches that’s too deep
 Her restless heart with too much pain
 Hope to fly away just like the wind.