I stand straight, might and tall
 Swaying my arms, dancing with joy
 I lend my shadow and give you shades
 Even makes me your resting place.
 I always protect you from all the storm
 Give you embrace when you are cold
 Makes you happy in times of trouble
 And lend my shoulder for you to lean on.
 But where are you when I needed you most?
 You left me alone, feel lonely and lost 
 My heart is breaking and in too much pain
 Thought of you as my only friend.
 I think the whole world turns its back on me
 When I withered and become weak
 I want to escape, run away from here
 But our memories keeping me to stay.
 I lived my life the best I could 
 But maybe this is really my end
 Though I still want to hold your hand
 I just wave my goodbye to the air.