Getting Rid of Toxic People

Have you experienced being surrounded by toxic people in your life? Those who love to spread negativity and act as if they are entitled to interfere with your decisions in life. People who have multiple personality, like they treat you good infront of you but backstab you and create gossip when you’re out of their sight. Some of them are good in making dramas just to get your attention and after empathizing with them, they’ll manipulate your emotions.

Sometimes toxic people are part of your workplace, friends or pretending to be friends and some are members of your family. If you are a good person, it’s more likely difficult for you to spot who is the toxic one around you.

I was once surrounded with that kind of people. Even how I tried to be positive, they always feed me a lot of negativity. I’ve encountered people in my working environment way back who are very manipulative with other’s feelings. They seemed to be very concerned about my welfare, but later I found out that they were just using me and just wanted to know more about my weaknesses so that they could use it to ruin me. At first I was very touched with how they treated me, just like a family. I easily gave my trust on them and enjoyed their company. Little did I know, they used the information about me to create an issue. But they acted innocent as if they did nothing wrong.

It took me a little longer to discovered their true intentions and then slowly avoided them one by one without them noticing. When I left my job for personal reasons, I got the chance to distance myself with them. But they didn’t stop to talk about me, creating gossips. Sometimes, I got to see some of them in a mall or in supermarket, pretending to be happy seeing me and act again as if they are entitled to know about any updates in my life.

Toxic people stay toxic, they are difficult to change because they have their own issues and insecurities in life. And they are like dust because they can be seen everywhere. Most of them are really getting into our nerves but some are tolerable to be with. We just need to be strong and try not to be affected by their negativities. And just like me, be aware and remove them into your life before they totally ruin you. It’s better to be with few genuine souls in our lives rather than surrounded by many but full of toxicity.