My Bingo

It was September last year when I adopted Bingo from my sister. He was already a month old then. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him playing with his big siblings. He has a short brown hair with white patches on his stomach and feet, weighing almost 9 pounds. Ah, I said to myself I wanted this pup. It’s been a long time since our family owned a pet dog, like more than two decades ago. I’ve always wanted to have a dog and I thought that moment was the right time for me to have one. My 4 year-old nephew Jacob was the one who gave the name Bingo to him. He’s a half breed of a native Pinoy dog (Filipino breed) and a pitbull terrier. He’s so adorable and playful. So I brought him home, and of course my mom wasn’t that agreed to have him. But that’s just at first, after few days, my mom started to be fond of him. Actually I wasn’t prepared yet to raise a dog. Where will I put him? How and what to feed him? How often will I give him a bathe? When to bring him to the vet? Questions like that popped up on my head. And then, I did a lot of research on how to properly raise a puppy. Since my mom didn’t wanted him inside the house because of the stuffs that might be broken, I fixed an old box and put a blanket and pillow to be his temporary shelter and placed it in our garage. I bought him dog food but he prefers table food as he started to taste it when he’s still in my sisters’. Once in while I still give him dog food and he eats it. He eats a lot, no wonder his body was like more of a piglet than a puppy. I trained Bingo to do his things (poop and pee) outside our house. I bathe him twice a week when the weather is hot. He loves sleeping on his back. When he was 4 months old, I brought him to vet for necessary shots he needed. Bingo was on his 5th month when he suffered from scabies due to ticks. Maybe he got that everytime I brought him for a walk every morning. Luckily, he recovered after more than a month of treatment.

Happy 1st Bingo!

Bingo grows bigger as he turns one year old this month. He is more attention seeker now compared when he’s still young. Sometimes a picky-eater, but still loves to eats. He’s a good guard also, he won’t stop barking whenever there’s stranger around. He’ll stand at the window to call us when he needed something or when there’s someone outside. There were times he’ll bark at me with kinda sweet sound without stopping. So I’ll just gave him a pat on his head, as I didn’t understand at first what he wants. And suddenly he’ll be silent waging his tail. Okay, that’s just all he wanted, my attention and touch. In that way he showed me that he loves me back. He’s such a sweet boy. Though he’s not a pure bred dog, I always make sure that he’s treated like a family, because he’s already a family to me since the day I brought him home. And he’s really special to me. I always pray that Bingo won’t get sick and will have a very long and happy life with us.