My Experienced with Covid-19 (part 2)

part 1

It’s like two days after exposing to my brother who potentially carried a virus, the first thing I experienced was high fever of 38-39 lasted for four days. At first, I thought of it as only a normal fever. But after a while, my muscles in my whole body started to feel pain and my throat felt a bit itchy. The next morning I developed dry cough and some colds. I’ve wanted to think that it was only an ordinary flu, but that was not the case. As my mom, my older sister and her daughter and my sister-in-law also experienced the same symptoms, we already concluded that we were infected by corona virus.

We were all tested positive, including my brother, and we were placed under home quarantine because according to our local health officers, our symptoms were only mild. The following days, I lost both my sense of smell and taste. That was one of the most difficult symptoms of having covid. Loss of smell and taste also means loss of appetite, so eating became difficult as well, and I lost few kilograms because of that.

Another struggle was the difficulty in breathing. Having a dry cough was like pulling something very heavy from my lungs. Everytime I cough, I felt like I was drawing the end string of my breath, that anytime I could possibly die. It was really very hard. There were times that I needed to borrow my mom’s oxygen because of shortness of breath. And I also used nebulizer just to breath properly. Sometimes I cried and almost hopeless as I thought it was the end of me.

We’ve been tried a lot of over-the-counter medicines but none of them works for us. Since we were at home quarantine, we didn’t have an access to proper medication. Good thing that my cousin who is a doctor gave us prescriptions for covid. After taking the antibiotics prescribed to us for five days, we started to feel a little comfort especially in breathing.

Some home remedies also helped us in fighting the virus. The most effective for me was the steam inhalation which I did 2-3 times a day. Drinking a lot of fluids like warm water with the mixture of lemon, honey and ginger also did a great job to ease my itchy throat and dry cough. After almost a month under home quarantine, we started to recover. The antibiotics, vitamins, some home remedies and the bunch of prayers did a miracle for us to conquer and overcome the deadly covid without getting admitted to the hospital.

After all the struggles we experienced in fighting the virus, we finally overcome it as we all tested negative after a month of battle. That was one of the most difficult situation we experienced as a family. And we are all grateful that we overcome it also as a family.