We Shall All Die

A college classmate of mine just died the other day due to breast cancer. I went to her funeral yesterday and still couldn’t believed that she’s already lying down in a coffin. She left her husband and she didn’t even get the chance to become a mother. The last time I saw her was before the pandemic, about more than a year ago. She was still healthy that time running her small cafeteria with her husband, planning to have a baby. I had a long conversation with her regarding some of my health issues. And I remember her reminding me to take extra careful with my health and that I should see a doctor regularly. So when I found out recently that she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, I was really in shocked because as far as I know, she’s a health conscious person. And in a matter of six months, her body gave up.

Seeing her inside the coffin made me feel really sad. Her mother still couldn’t accept that her only child died before her. She said that she should’ve died first, since she’s already old and if only she could, she would die hundred times, just to bring back her daughter’s life. Upon hearing those words, I was speechless. I am not yet a mother but I could feel her deep sorrow. Losing someone dearly to us is one of the painful thing that may happen to all of us.

Death is indeed an inevitable. Nobody knows when and how our life will end and there’s nothing we can do to prevent or avoid it. Maybe in some point, medical procedures may extend our life a little bit longer, especially if we have the resources. But that doesn’t mean that we could cheat death, because that’s not possible. If our time is up on earth, we have nothing to do about it. We should accept the fact that death is one of the hardest thing to face in life, but still, we shouldn’t afraid to accept that we shall all die in different causes. One can live longer or shorter than the others, but nobody can live as long as he want.

To many, death is the end of all their sufferings. But to the family, friends and loved ones who lost someone they love to death, it is the start of their grief and sorrow. Even how prepared we are for someone’s death, it still hard to accept losing someone we love.

The only thing we could do is to live our life the way we want to be remembered when we’re gone. Live to the present like it is our last – full of love, without or less regrets and hatred. In that way, we may somehow prepare ourselves to meet death.