Dealing with Problems in Life

We are all dealing with problems and encountered multiple bad situations in our life. It’s just normal for a human being and everybody is experiencing difficult times. Well, problems and challenges are always there and avoiding them will only complicate things and can create another problem. All we should do is to deal with it responsibly and learn from that experience.

Most of the time we are seeking help and advice from someone we know who can give us sympathy or who can empathize with us to lessen our burden. I personally experienced asking advice whenever I have problems which I couldn’t deal on my own from someone who is closed to me. And after receiving advice, I feel enlightened. But there were also times that I was the one who give advice to those who asked for it. I don’t why but maybe I am good in putting myself in another’s shoes because I could easily feel what they feel. In that way, I could give them the advice they needed. But I only give advice to those situation which I already experienced because I already dealt with that kind of problems or situations. It’s difficult for me to advise someone dealing with problems and situations I’ve never experience myself before because I’m afraid I’ll only make it worse. What I do is to listen, sympathize and just provide some words of encouragement especially if the situation is a bit serious.

Just like recently when a closed friend of mine asked for my advice regarding her complicated situation. She got pregnant with her boyfriend and she didn’t know how to deal with it. She is jobless and her irresponsible and also a jobless boyfriend blamed her for getting pregnant. She asked me what she’s going to do with it. Well, honestly, I didn’t know either how to deal with her problem because I haven’t yet experience that kind of situation and maybe if I am in her shoes, I also didn’t know what to do.

My friend was crying when she opened her complicated situations with me. I just told her to be responsible to her actions and that life in her tummy is a blessing. Those simple words were the only words I could provide to her as a friend. And I don’t know if it’ll help or not because I saw the disappointment in her eyes. I just feel that’s the only advice I could share to her. I did not advise her to fight with her boyfriend nor blame her for not taking contraceptives or whatever because it’s her private life. Though she seek for my help and advice, I know my limitation and I am not in the position to interfere in her personal life even how closed we are.

All I know is that, we must be responsible in our actions and we should face every consequences for what we did. For me, dealing with problems reflects who we really are because how small or big our problem is, the way we handle it effectively will show how responsible we are as a person.